Striving to be the best IIoT company in Canada,  we get asked a lot about the residential use of IoT.  Well one of the common application is smart home monitoring.

As part of a highly technology-dependent society, consumers’ purchasing decisions increasingly involve choosing from the countless smart products available to them. The market is flooded by highly advanced phones, laptops, tablets, and the latest craze – smart home monitoring systems. This cutting-edge advancement involves a network of home products that can be managed remotely, so you can control elements within your home from a distance.  The primary question that arises in deciding to go smart with your home monitoring is why you need it, and how it will benefit your day-to-day life. We’re here to help you see its advantages, and make your decision-making a quicker and better-informed process.

Saving with smart home monitoring

Canadian households have seen a whopping 30% increase in utility costs across the country over the last decade. This upsurge in prices has yet to hit a plateau, continuing to increase at a rate higher than inflation. Your wallet doesn’t have to take a beating by your bills – managing your water and electricity usage has actually never been simpler. Through the use of smart lighting, plumbing, and HVAC systems, your energy consumption can be controlled, cutting your bills to a small fraction of the costs you accumulate today.  You may even receive a discount or rebate for your installation! Check with your insurance company for more financing information.

Reducing your carbon foot print

If money is no object, and you prefer paying your current statements to installing all-new devices in your home, consider the environment before closing yourself off to smart home monitoring.  When you rush out the door without turning the lights off you are not only racking on a big bill, but wasting energy as well. Smart home monitoring allows you to reduce that wastage by substantial amounts. For example, adjust your home temperature with smart thermostats, decreasing the (unnecessary) heating with the press of a button when the house is unoccupied. Saving money and the environment in one? That deserves a big, green thumbs up.

Better safe than sorry

If you’re someone who is always on the go, chances are you would only be informed of an emergency after the fact. Be it a flooding basement while you’re on vacation, or a burglary during your work hours, threats are best combatted in real time. A smart home monitoring system is arguably most beneficial for its instantaneity, like how it notifies you of danger the moment it presents itself.


Make the transition to smart home monitoring today, and experience the luxury of constant contact with your devices at your finger tips.