Striving to be the best IIoT company in Canada,  we get asked a lot “What is the internet of things (IoT) and why should I care”.  Well let’s talk about that.

Imagine a world in which everything is integrated –

Your clock has access to your schedule, so you never have to debate when you should get up or manually set an alarm for the morning again. Your alarm signals your coffeemaker to start brewing, and the shower to start running upon ringing. When you lift your mug from the countertop, a signal is sent to your car to start the engine and warm up. Your car is fully hooked up to your address book, so it starts calculating the fastest route to work given real time traffic.

Could this be but a futuristic dream?

The internet of things has taken the world by storm. Be it TED talks, podcasts, or reputable news channels, this concept continues to be widely discussed in the media and among professionals in the IT field. So what is the internet of things, and how is it capable of turning the aforementioned scenario into reality? In the simplest terms, it’s the idea of interconnecting all your devices to facilitate a transfer of information across one another. Through this network, a relationship between your things arises, presenting countless benefits to your everyday life. Read further to discover the three we ranked highest on that list.

Saving time with the internet of things

Among the biggest benefits of the internet of things is its instantaneity. If your devices communicate between each other, and then back to you, you can detect and resolve issues and nuisances in real time.  On a more routine basis, this network of communication shaves time off your regular daily activities.  If your coffee starts brewing the moment you hit snooze on your alarm, you are saving yourself a trip to the kitchen to brew it yourself. Sure, you can do it on your own, but why bother if you don’t have to? This way, you can allocate an extra 5 minutes of your morning to your beauty rest.


Not only does the internet of things save you time, but a lot of hassle as well. Rather than devoting precious moments to small, but unavoidable tasks, allow your devices to do the work for you.  Interconnecting your things also eliminates a lot of anxiety surrounding staying organized. Never again will you fear forgetting a meeting, an important appointment, or a birthday.

Staying safe with IoT

Apart from failing to keep up with your schedule, you can find countless sources for anxiety in your everyday life. Forgetting to lock the door or activate the security system on your way out in the morning, leaving the stove on while you’re out of town for the weekend, or keeping your windows open unaware of an incoming storm can put you in a highly stressful state. With the internet of things, all of the above can be solved with a remote press of a button – no matter the distance.

Inarguably, the benefits of this system are alluring. Best of all, this list only represents a fraction of the advantages of this smart, progressive collection of shared data. As technology continues to become an increasingly more integral aspect of our lives, the internet of things is expected to only grow larger.